Criteria for Accreditation

The participation organization must meet the following criteria:

  1. Be governmental organizations.
  2. Have a clearly defined mandate or mission related to climate change, sustainable development, or other relevant areas. This mandate should be consistent with the National Council on Climate Change (NCCC) mandates, the UNFCCC’s goals and objectives, and the specific COP session.
  3. Demonstrate expertise and experience in climate change-related areas such as mitigation, adaptation, capacity building, and so on. They should have a track record of participation in relevant activities, projects, or initiatives.
  4. The participating organization is encouraged to host a side event at Nigeria’s Pavilion in COPs to showcase their green activities and best practices.
  5. Following the Federal Government’s directive on the size of delegates to international meetings, participating organizations should submit a limited number (max of 2) of participants for accreditation. Additional participants (2-3) should be accepted for organizations hosting side events;
  6. Securing a side event slot (s) at COP28 Nigeria’a pavilion is at a fee. The form for applying can be downloaded here:
  7. Participating organizations must have the financial capacity to cover the cost of their nominees/representatives’ participation;
  8. Participating organizations must agree to share the report(s) of negotiations/meetings/side events e.t.c attended during the Sessions.